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Parcels Available For Immediate Purchase

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Parcels Available For Immediate Purchase

The Ramsey County “Properties Available to Purchase” site consists of information and data of each property listed and located in various cities and townships within Ramsey County.  Ramsey County is not responsible for any inaccuracies herein contained or through misuse and misrepresentation of this information or its derivatives.

Properties not sold at auction may be offered for sale the day following the auction at the discretion of the Tax-Forfeited Lands Section and may be purchased on a first-come, first-serve basis by anyone offering to pay the appraised value. The price cannot be changed unless a parcel is re-appraised, advertised and re-offered at public auction.

It should be noted that the listed assessments are governed under Minnesota Statutes, section 429.071, subd. 4. If municipal special assessments were cancelled at forfeiture the municipality that made the improvement may make a reassessment or a new assessment to the property. Fees and charges related to cancelled special assessments also may be charged against the property.

We suggest you check with the municipality in which the property is located for information regarding reassessment and any pending assessments. The purchaser(s) will assume local improvement assessments not yet charged to the property. The phone number for City of St. Paul Assessments is 651-266-8858.

Properties located in the City of St. Paul can have more than one zoning type. The zoning information listed below indicates the primary zoning for a property. Please check with each city zoning office for additional information that may be available.

To view a map of the property location, click on the red underlined PIN# in the first column.

Property Address
Approx. Lot Size
Property Description
Assessment at Forfeiture Assessment after Forfeiture Recording Type
Legal Description
Zoning Type Appraised Value
Commissioner District 1
City of Mounds View
NW of 2865 Highway 10 NE (2901 Highway 10 NE) (1 of 2 in package - price includes 063023310241)

131' x 288'
Vacant land

A)Torrens: Parcel 1. Lot 50, except that part which lies Southwesterly of a line run parallel with and distant 100 feet Northeasterly of the Southwesterly boundary of said Lot 50, also except that part described as follows: Commencing at the Northwest corner of said Lot 50; thence East 7 feet along the North line of said Lot 50; thence Southerly 100 feet to a point of intersection on the West line of said Lot 50; thence North along said West line of said Lot 50 to the point of commencement; Auditor’s Subdivision No. 89, Ramsey Co., Minn. The said excepted part of the above described property, the Southwesterly 100 feet has been taken by the State of Minnesota for public Highway purposes. Parcel 2. All that part of Lot 32, Auditor’s Subdivision No. 89, Ramsey Co., Minn., described as follows, to-wit: Commencing at a point on the West line of Lot 50, Auditor’s Subdivision No. 89, which point is 100 feet South of the Northwest corner of said Lot 50; thence South to a line 100 feet Northeasterly from and parallel with the Southerly line of Lot 32; thence Northwesterly on said parallel line 32 feet; thence Northeasterly to the point of beginning.
Contact City of Mounds View  $117,000.00
West of 8060 Groveland Road (0 Highway 10 NE) (2 of 2 in package)

271' x 135'
Vacant land

B) Torrens: Parcel 2. The South 135.00 feet, front and rear, of Lot 47, Auditor’s Subdivision No. 89, lying westerly of the East 187.00 feet.
Contact City of Mounds View  $0.00
Commissioner District 3
City of St Paul
East of 394-401 Cottage Ave W (Wheelock Parkway W)

145' x 250'
Vacant land

Subject to Avenues; except that part lying Northwesterly of a line 175 feet Southeasterly of and parallel to the Southeast line of Wheelock Parkway; that part Southerly of said parkway of the East 180 feet of Lot 4, Cottage Homes
RT-2  $75,000.00
West of 331 Lawson Ave W (335 Lawson Ave W)

5,847 sq ft
Vacant land

The West 1/2 of Lot 7 & the West 1/4 of Lots 8 & 9, Block 33, Auerbach & Hands Addition to the City of St. Paul
R-4  $7,000.00
Commissioner District 4
City of St Paul
Between 1025-1029 Iglehart Ave (1027 Iglehart Ave)

35' x 131'
Vacant land

Lot 19, and the West 10 feet of Lot 18, Block 1, Curry's Subdivision of Lot 13 of Buell and Mackubin's Out Lots to Saint Paul, Minn.
RT-1  $40,000.00
Commissioner District 5
City of St Paul
South of 214 Maple St (212 Maple St)

130' x 76' or .2002 acres
Vacand land

Tract B, Registered Land Survey No. 54. Note: Subject to easement for ingress and egress over Tract B for Tract A
RT-1  $8,500.00


Zoning information provided by the City of St. Paul only (651) 266-9008.




Local Business


Community Business


General Business


Central Business


Central Business – Service


Business Converted


Capitol Approach Area


Industrial (Light)


Industrial (General)


Industrial (Restricted)


Office – Service




Planning & Economic Development Plan in Place

R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4

Single Family Residential


Residential Large Lot – Single Family


River Corridor Floodway District


River Corridor Flood Fringe District


River Corridor Urban Open Space District


River Corridor Urban Diversified District

RM-1, RM-2, RM-3

Multiple Family Residential


One & Two Family Residential


Residential Townhouse

T-1, T-2, T-3, T-4

Traditional Neighborhood