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Please use this form to submit comments to the Ramsey County Attorney's Office about a recent crime incident in your community. Your comments will be forwarded to the appropriate prosecutor(s) and may be used at sentencing hearings to help inform the court about the impact of crime in your community. If you prefer that your comments not be used in court, please be sure to indicate this.

Any specific information regarding cases under investigation will be shared with law enforcement. Any specific information regarding charged cases will be shared with law enforcement, disclosed to the defendant, and may become public.

We are also interested in your views on how crime affects your community and public safety in general. Please feel free to submit your overall concerns or ideas unrelated to a specific case to be shared with the County Attorney, John J. Choi.

Thank you for your input.

This site is not to be used for reporting a crime that is in progress or has just occurred. Please call 911 if there is an emergency situation or call your local police department if you need to report a crime after-the-fact.

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